The winter is melting too slow to the spring.. but it can be fixed.. the process can be promoted.. just transfer some pennies and get on the flight to spring or summer.. for me.. it is so simple..

After returning from the spring there is a wish to have a small depression.. just like that.. to be sad because of the terrible weather outside..

When was the last time you lived whole week without getting out of the bed?? Even if there is so much to see, to meet, to enjoy, but being in the act of merging together is better than anything else..

Don’t go out of me once more..



quietly a snowflake lands on my hand..

early morning..

a night without sleep..

clear sky..

lost mind and dignity.. too much laughter.. too much strange gazes.. too much feeling of belonging.. too much accidental touches..

sound still has stuffed my ears with cotton.. muffled noise..

hurts.. the feet that are trapped inside the high heeled shoes.. go somewhere.. take off the shoes and run barefoot in a dewy meadow, which is full with wild flowers that will never stand up trampled under my feet.. run till there is no strength left.. then fall into a bed of blooming red clover and dream my happy land..

wake up because of the heaviness on my breast.. smile..

Phone call: “YOUR TAXI HAS ARRIVED!!!”



winding lust

as a streamer ribbon interlaces

suffocates while strangling

to feel, to really feel and then to touch, to really touch..

wrap yourself in cold sheets and wake up

somewhere in the South of Spain..

let yourself to accept the inevitable

reaching the silver lining of the cloud

with fake violet crystal tinsels..



..the pavement is covered with sugar icing.. it is already so late.. a scent of freesias..

..a wish to dance.. to float in arms of a man across the quietly lit dance hall with golden candlesticks and columns hugged by flowers..

..a wish to disappear.. in the darkness.. that sees everything among the car lights..

..a wish to sing..loudly outvoicing the chirring of the grasshoppers in a warm summer rain..

..a wish to bite the poisoned apple and sleep naked in the glass coffin..

..a wish to make a sandcastle of stones on the beach of the Mediterranean..

..a wish to buy a populated island and become a vicious ruler..

..a wish to bring a bouquet of wild flowers into the house, to kindle fire in the fireplace using birch wood and then get dizzy because of the warmth..

..a wish to run bare foot on live coals and then lick the healing wounds for months..

..a wish to rain down as warm summer rain over a blooming English lawn..

..a wish to light thousands of candles in a rain forest to lose the way home..

..a wish to open the door to a stranger and let him sleep in your lap..

.a wish to call to a red phone box in London and speak French to a stranger..

..a wish to snuff out twenty one candle on my birthday cake..

..a wish to to go to a desert and when thirsting to find an oasis..

..a wish to kiss a paper sun..

..a wish to travel the winter on dog sledges over the Pacific..

..a wish not to wish for the spring and telling myself..

..a wish to..


2 Atbildes to “ENGLISH”

  1. a simple wish 🙂

  2. Hmmmm…

    Was joyful to read (even if you ignored my lovely wish the other night).


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