shiver remedy..

..she was nursing his wounds with great care as if he was as fragile as the porcelain tea set she had inherited from her grandmother..

..every time her subtle fingers touched his skin, he felt a mix of great pain and pleasure.. and the latter was so much stronger..

..she caressed down his spine and started giving the tiniest kisses on his bruised shoulder.. feeling her soft lips, made his manhood get harder and harder, and soon enough he was ready to conquer the world between her legs.. but before he managed to do anything she slid her hand down his naked torso, it lingered on his belly, and then there was only a couple of millimeters of fabric between her hand and his hardness that was still trapped in his tight jeans..

after a few seconds it was free of any obstacles and he felt her soft lips and warm mouth embracing it, so that he lost any connection with the reality..





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