florentine puff..

..I am wondering the crowded streets of Florence.. and I feel so lonely.. I entertain myself by looking at my reflection in the shop windows and by looking into the eyes of strangers and smiling at them.. anyway it is so lonely..
..then I imagine having you next to me.. I imagine us talking nonsense.. I imagine you putting my hair behind my ear so that you could look into my eyes.. I imagine us laughing about things that are understandable only to us.. I imagine the ice-cream dripping on the hot asphalt over your hot fingers.. I imagine us enjoying lunch in a crowded restaurant and feeling as if there were just two of us.. I imagine us separating for 20 minutes to buy presents to each other.. I imagine how much I love the book about the french hookers that you give me.. I imagine us kissing while standing in the fountain in the central square.. I imagine you hands looking for the panties under my dress that are actually not there.. I imagine you finding them.. I imagine.. and it is so tasty.. please, don’t apologize!


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