meadow brittle..

..he was sitting by the river just looking at the deep blue water that was slowly flowing by.. it reminded him of the last two years of his life.. he had found the perfect spot on this earth to be.. he had time to do his art while working in the local bar during the weekends.. but also when he was surrounded by the vast amount of happily and unhappily drunk people he felt as if he was there by himself.. the crowds never excited him, he just wanted the silence of the mountains, the hushed flow of the river and the smell of fresh oil on canvas.., he had left his room early in the morning so that he could walk barefoot in the morning dew, he had taken his sketch book with him as he wanted to put down everything he saw, felt and smelt.. his pencil was slightly caressing the paper and it left subtle lines that made the most amazing illusions of the things around him.. there was a river that will never run anywhere, there was a mountain that will never be climbed, there were flowers that will never be picked by anyone..

..the pencil traced a nearby meadow when he suddenly realized that a silhouette had wondered into his picture.. there was a slim frame of a woman in a light summer dress that was playing with the wind.. her hair fell over her shoulders in thick blond waves that the wind was trying to pick up but seemed to struggle.. she was slowly strolling towards the river completely lost in her thoughts.. she seemed like something divine out of his dreams.. she had long slender legs and she moved graciously without any effort.. he could not really see her face as she was still quite far away.. but he imagined her having the most stunning hazel eyes that glinted when she laughed.. he imagined her nose, her ears as if they were carved out of marble.. he imagined her full rosy lips that framed a beautiful smile that was meant just for him.. seemed to last a moment but it had to be much more as when he returned to the bank of the river, there she was just few steps away from him gazing at the flowing water.. still lost in her thoughts.. he was staring at her as if she was a figment of his imagination and then she turned towards him.. her lips opened into mesmerizing smile.. she was as magnificent as he had imagined her to be.. he smiled back.. or at least he thought he did.. and then just as she had appeared in this perfect picture, she turned and started walking away along the river, leaving the scent of spring behind her..








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