Arhīvs priekš aprīlis, 2009

Dzīvsudrabā glazētas mandeļu skaidiņas..

Posted in deserti... on aprīlis 23, 2009 by Kerija

Sudrabs. Dzīvs.

laiks sitās gar
vakardienas nenomazgātajiem traukiem.
Kaut kur kāds klusi, bet apnicīgi
sauc manu vārdu.

Mēs gluži
kā Puškins
svinam dzīres mēra laikā.
Ak, nē
Tu tici.
Tad, man ispēc, tici…

Nu beidzat
taču saukt manu
Es gribu mieru un klusumu.
Mēra laika


Mežonīgu kadiķogu mērce..

Posted in kuņģa noslogošanai... on aprīlis 4, 2009 by Kerija

I look at the boy on the opposite side of a crowded street and a smile breaks out on my tinted lips

Finally I have found the one I had searched for such a long time in my wanderings

An everlasting instant of my smashed dreams was echoing in the darkness of time

Wounded heart beats against the whitewashed wall of the empty room in my chest

On my way home I am lost, because the beauty around me is so exciting and it makes me to feel

My heart starts to beat wildly when I feel the spring

And eyes start to water the ground because I have lost my freedom of words

No! I will fight.. and then surrender..

Clouds burn in desire to stay alone in the cold evening without her but she hesitates and does not go

Agony of love holds my body and do not let it go. I want more! Just a little bit more passion!

Nobody can take it away. It is everything and nothing because you are only a dream

Thus it seems like a canary bird in a golden cage of the lost mortality

Manifestation of seldom moments of truth, it makes me to falter and I fall into your eyes

A red hot chilly kiss fills the sky with a strange scent and I leave

Keep on! Do not stop! Do not let me go! If I go then I will be gone forever, nothing will bring me back

Eagle in my heart goes on and I cannot stop, just go on and on, and on…

His look on my back hurts me and I turn away from the path

End is near the time; they sit on the terrace and drink the afternoon tea

Rage in my heat grows and I return to the place where I felt the gentle touch of my faith

My body wants the real unreality of your tender kisses and the heat of your imaginary breath

Illegal transformation into vision. A grey figure in the mist of golden butterflies and moon

Secret is recovered to me but in the same moment I forgot it because of the figure in the mist

Taken by the hand I am going deeper in you, in your, in my, in our, in us…

Abdication of the golden drop on your lower lip

Knowledge gives nothing but doubts and shame of not being as pure as to see the celestial bliss

Edge on the edge, nothing more then edges. Will you jump with me?

Silver teardrop falls into the hole of my heart and you follow it in to the depths after it

Cribbed beside the sun in a tiny room in his mind I struggle for air and water

Humanity means nothing here, just passion..

Admiration and glorification of the butterfly orchid’s magnificence

Reincarnation brings new life to the flower, and I turn into a white fury rabbit

Mutation into this creature is not satisfying me so I beg him to turn me back

Indian blue light in the sky and I am back to my dreams, as it seems

Notorious scream of returning and he becomes deaf for two seconds, this is everlasting

Gambling with joy and happiness becomes the daily routine for us


Soon the show is over and I must go home on my bare foot

History repeats and every single night I come back to the place I met my life

Endless run for love and looking for the sharp margin of the earth

Incandescence turns into black ivory, it is nothing more than a game

Small boy shows me the way to the sky and this time I will not return

Only waking up is a threat to my delight

Nacre holds me and do not let me disappear, because it is covered with wonderful glitter

Light and darkness is fighting inside of me, they want to win each other but I prevail them both

Your beautiful face is before my eyes all the time when I see your naked dream

And all becomes clear to me; the spell has disappeared in the sunlight

Facts are stronger then the words and we both fall but it is not because of the magic

Expelled from the lost paradise, we must go home

Mendicancy for appreciation has ended

And along the path we go together but alone

Life comes closer to us and beg for pardon

End still is so far…