Sugar of dust..

absolutely no idea of tomorrow.. but maybe, just maybe we should get married.. catching the last train to Vegas.. digging up some dirt and grave for two.. Estimated time of arrival: 21:21.. fuck the moral.. genuinely just for both of us.. hating the luggage left from before, we should send it to China.. I just feel like sleeping here.. just in your arms around me.. kindly suffocating.. Let’ s dance.. making grannies turn away in disgust, praying for mercy.. never stopping.. opening the door for one more night with you, while there is no threat of tomorrow.. plastic puppets on the way.. raging fear in their eyes.. stunning beauty under their skin.. trembling of cold.. using my strength to rescue you from me.. very wrong to be here.. wet.. again..


Viena atbilde to “Sugar of dust..”

  1. Šķiet, ka vēlies kaut kur aizbēgt 🙂


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