Zvaigžņu pūdercukurs..

Try to catch …

no wings, no breath

only iridescent silence

in which the life is falling like in the whirlpool

still dreams are around around so untruthfully naive

but the depth of the soul does not quaver in horror

when echo ravens them and vanishes

till you beaten and gone with it – how white is the darkness, how unwilting the flower how tiny,

how tiny how radiantly tiny

ashes and irons, which strangled you

they turn in to light – and vanishes

/Agita Draguna/

no – is just refusing to eat the porridge in the morning when mother wants you to do it,

wings – are beautiful white things with volatile feathers which only angels have,

no – is like saying “yes” but it means just the opposite,

breath – is touching the cheek of an adored person,

only – is when you eat just strawberries with whipped cream on the top,

iridescent – is like the shiny shooting stars up in the neat dark sky,

silence – is to stop moving and watch the lights switched off in the streets in the morning,

in – is like being at home,

which – is when you do not know what to wear when going to your friend’s party,

the – is the one,

life – is just the great feeling of the heartbeats in your chest,

is – is being,

falling – is when you feel like a shooting star,

like – is the feeling of love in the stomach,

in – is like big black Persian cat in a huge golden cage,

whirlpool – is a red umbrella in nasty girls hands, when it is not raining,

still – is like drinking cold juice in a hot summer day and it is never enough,

dreams – are the wonderful pictures in your mind,

are – are beings,

around – is when you sit in a merry – goes – round and close your eyes to listen to the wind which is playing in your hair,

around – is when you travel around the world without turning back but getting to the same place you started,

so – is like asking one more time for something you already know,

untruthfully – is just like you feel when you enter the room where your beloved is kissing someone else,

naive – is if you are asking your mother if you were found in cabbages,

but – is only a small obstacle,

the – is the one and only,

depth – is when you try to fly but you are falling and you cannot reach the bottom,

of – is your favourite dress which belongs to your sister,

the – is only one,

soul – is when the light crushes against your chest,

does – is when you do something right now,

not – is when you don’t do anything,

quaver – is when you tremble when he touches your hair,

in – is like to lose your heart in a cold winter day when there is no feeling of spring,

horror – is when you have to go to a date and you have a terrible lump on your pretty nose,

when – is just like not knowing at what time the movie starts,

echo – is if you do not ask but somebody answers anyway,

raven – is like you when you haven’t ate all day long,

them – is when you do not know if to ask some of your friends to your party,

and – is Romeo & Juliet,

vanish – is what you want to do when your father asks your boyfriend to bring you home before 10 pm,

till – is to wait for your friend until she is ready to go,

you – is someone I am talking to,

beaten – is when you feel humiliated and miserable because you are the loser,

and – is Edgars & Kristine,

gone – is when you want somebody to come back to you,

with – is when you cannot decide whether to go out with Jack or Robert,

it – is something you know but you do not want to call that by name,

how – is when you do not know in what way to summarize 2 and 2,

white – is the feeling of pure love and eating vanilla ice – cream at the same time,

is – is to be,

the – is something you think you know,

darkness – is a huge empty space between two lovers who hate each other,

how – is the way he loves me,

unwilting – is paper flower that never wilts,

flower – is a dead butterfly of a sunny meadow in one of your crystal vases ,

how – is the way you do it,

tiny – is a red ladybird in the middle of a dark and gloomy forest in the East of the United Kingdom,

how – is if you want to know,

tiny – is a grain of sand in the middle of the Sahara desert,

how – is something impossible,

radiantly – are young girl’s eyes,

tiny – is me when I am at the top of the world,

ashes – is the Phoenix,

and – is you & me,

irons – are the dogs in the neighbours house and the little bells in the tower of the church,

which – is when you have so much to eat that you starve because you cannot choose,

strangle – is the feeling when you must leave the person you love,

you – is somebody you know,

they – are some people you do not want to know,

turn – is when you fall in love with somebody and in the next evening you marry him,

into – is like diving into a warm bubble bath with the scent of peaches,

light – is the instant when you understand that all you actually have is NOW,

and – is Beavis & Butthead,

vanish – is just the way you fall asleep…

…. the meaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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