..the falling water..

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“Finally,” he thinks to himself as he is approaching the gushing waterfall along the forest trail.. the road up there had been tedious and long but something had urged him to go even if it was so out of the way.. the promise of refreshment makes him walk faster through the dense hot forest, he feels grimy after several hours on the dusty gravel road.. the sun is still high up in the clear blue sky, the forest around him is full of life.. he can hear hundreds of various noises but he doesn’t recognize any..

..he feels this strange excitement.. he can already hear the rustling, and he can imagine the crystal clear water rushing down his tired body, recharging it with pure primal energy..

..just few steps away, few tree branches and there is it.. the water is pouring down in a wild cascade, the air is crisp and full of tiny water droplets that reflect the untouched beauty around.. he steps out of the forest on the bank of the river that has barely composed itself back into one.. it’s just a heartbeat to take all that in when suddenly a figure emerges out of the falling water.. it seems surreal that he is not alone here in this remote corner of the earth.. and he stands there for a moment observing her savouring her solitude.. and then she disappears again behind the wall of water.. just for a moment but it seems like eternity as he is anxiously looking for her tanned body to return in his sight.. but it doesn’t.. and he starts doubting if what he saw was even real..

..he shakes off the image as if he was drunk and drops his clothes before diving into the dark water of the river.. the water is soothing and he enjoys the current against his naked body.. he emerges for a breath of air and there she is again.. just few metres away from him.. and now it is her that cannot believe that she is not all alone anymore..

..and so they look at each other slightly confused for an instant before the smiles embellish their faces.. but then he vanishes under the dark water, just to reappear next to the water wall few feet away from her.. his clear blue eyes are curiously studying hers and after few long seconds she looks down and gives another smile, a bit shy as if she is ashamed of the thought that flashed through her mind.. and she hides away behind the falling water.. he follows her behind the liquid curtain to find himself in a dimly lit grotto.. she is leaning against the edge, her naked breasts barely under the surface.. and suddenly his wish is stronger than his common sense..

..she sees him moving towards her, looking directly in her eyes and she feels a pleasant rush run down her spine.. she wants him to touch her excited body, she wants his lips close to hers, she wants his arms around her waist.. she wants to be his, here and now..

..and there he is, a single breath away.. his light blue eyes staring closely into hers as if asking for permission that has already been given.. his body is just few centimetres away, she can feel him move closer and closer, and closer.. till there is no more space, no more water left between them.. she can feel his naked body against hers.. his arms wrap around her waist that trembles from his touch and her anticipation..

..his mouth is hot and eager and she cannot remember the last time somebody kissed her so passionately..

..his lips move downwards her neck, his arms lift her and she wraps her legs around his waist.. she can feel how much he wants her.. and it makes her shiver.. she can feel him pushing his way inside of her, a moan leaves her trembling lips and she knows that every push will be just pure pleasure..


cits mirklis..

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..tējas krūzē laiski virpuļoja filadelfa zieds.. viņa atrāva savu skatienu no tā un paskatījās pulkstenī pie virtuves sienas.. tas rādīja deviņas minūtes pār trijiem.. un tam nebija pilnīgi nekādas nozīmes.. jau pēc pāris stundām pienāks rīts.. bija iestājies klusums.. bija atlicis tik maz laika un vēl tik daudz kas nebija izteikts.. bija jāsaprot, ko tā arī atstāt nepateiktu..

..viņas skatiens pievērsās viņa kreisajai rokai, kas bija apskāvusi silto krūzi.. šķita, ka siltums, ieplūda zīmējumā uz viņa plaukstas virspuses un kolibri uz mirkli savicināja savus smalkos spārnus.. zars nokustējās un putns bija pazudis no redzesloka.. viņa aizvēra acis, vairs negribējās neko teikt, jo silts vilnis pārņēma viņas prātu, un viņa zināja, ka pavisam drīz arī viņš sajutīs šo silto apskāvienu un apkārtējā pasaule aizplūdīs kopā  ar krēslu pretim rītausmai..



shiver remedy..

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..she was nursing his wounds with great care as if he was as fragile as the porcelain tea set she had inherited from her grandmother..

..every time her subtle fingers touched his skin, he felt a mix of great pain and pleasure.. and the latter was so much stronger..

..she caressed down his spine and started giving the tiniest kisses on his bruised shoulder.. feeling her soft lips, made his manhood get harder and harder, and soon enough he was ready to conquer the world between her legs.. but before he managed to do anything she slid her hand down his naked torso, it lingered on his belly, and then there was only a couple of millimeters of fabric between her hand and his hardness that was still trapped in his tight jeans..

after a few seconds it was free of any obstacles and he felt her soft lips and warm mouth embracing it, so that he lost any connection with the reality..



florentine puff..

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..I am wondering the crowded streets of Florence.. and I feel so lonely.. I entertain myself by looking at my reflection in the shop windows and by looking into the eyes of strangers and smiling at them.. anyway it is so lonely..
..then I imagine having you next to me.. I imagine us talking nonsense.. I imagine you putting my hair behind my ear so that you could look into my eyes.. I imagine us laughing about things that are understandable only to us.. I imagine the ice-cream dripping on the hot asphalt over your hot fingers.. I imagine us enjoying lunch in a crowded restaurant and feeling as if there were just two of us.. I imagine us separating for 20 minutes to buy presents to each other.. I imagine how much I love the book about the french hookers that you give me.. I imagine us kissing while standing in the fountain in the central square.. I imagine you hands looking for the panties under my dress that are actually not there.. I imagine you finding them.. I imagine.. and it is so tasty.. please, don’t apologize!

meadow brittle..

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..he was sitting by the river just looking at the deep blue water that was slowly flowing by.. it reminded him of the last two years of his life.. he had found the perfect spot on this earth to be.. he had time to do his art while working in the local bar during the weekends.. but also when he was surrounded by the vast amount of happily and unhappily drunk people he felt as if he was there by himself.. the crowds never excited him, he just wanted the silence of the mountains, the hushed flow of the river and the smell of fresh oil on canvas..

..today, he had left his room early in the morning so that he could walk barefoot in the morning dew, he had taken his sketch book with him as he wanted to put down everything he saw, felt and smelt.. his pencil was slightly caressing the paper and it left subtle lines that made the most amazing illusions of the things around him.. there was a river that will never run anywhere, there was a mountain that will never be climbed, there were flowers that will never be picked by anyone..

..the pencil traced a nearby meadow when he suddenly realized that a silhouette had wondered into his picture.. there was a slim frame of a woman in a light summer dress that was playing with the wind.. her hair fell over her shoulders in thick blond waves that the wind was trying to pick up but seemed to struggle.. she was slowly strolling towards the river completely lost in her thoughts.. she seemed like something divine out of his dreams.. she had long slender legs and she moved graciously without any effort.. he could not really see her face as she was still quite far away.. but he imagined her having the most stunning hazel eyes that glinted when she laughed.. he imagined her nose, her ears as if they were carved out of marble.. he imagined her full rosy lips that framed a beautiful smile that was meant just for him..

..it seemed to last a moment but it had to be much more as when he returned to the bank of the river, there she was just few steps away from him gazing at the flowing water.. still lost in her thoughts.. he was staring at her as if she was a figment of his imagination and then she turned towards him.. her lips opened into mesmerizing smile.. she was as magnificent as he had imagined her to be.. he smiled back.. or at least he thought he did.. and then just as she had appeared in this perfect picture, she turned and started walking away along the river, leaving the scent of spring behind her..






a sliver of bitter lemon..

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..you came to me in a dream when I was the most unprotected, most vulnerable to the deception..
..you came from behind, without making a sound, without being seen, almost without being felt.. you finger tips barely touched my naked skin.. and again it made me shiver, it made my imagination run wild..
..and then I knew that we would never be able to touch each other as we did before, that one time, the only time..
still.. your presence arose this unfulfillable wish inside of me.. just when the moment was already gone..

dolce di sale..

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..bija silts vasaras vakars un klusi šalkoja jūra.. viļņi maigi glāstīja piekrastes smiltis.. mēness bija pakāpies debesīs pavisam nedaudz, bet lieliski izgaismoja tukšo pludmali, kura bija aizmirsusi par sakarsušajiem ķermeņiem, kas te ik dienas gausi gulēja svelmējošajā saulē..

..viņa pārdomāja savas šodienas gaitas.. diena bija pavadīta lieliski– agrs rīta skrējiens pa liedagu, nesteidzīgas brokastis un rīta cappuccino, iesākts stāsts par vakardienu, vieglas pusdienas ar Luku, deserta sarunas turpinājums, pastaigājoties pa mazpilsētas ieliņām, kuras nekur tā īsti neved, pēcpusdienas miegs, vakariņas un vakara pastaiga ar puisi, kuru viņa pazina tieši 24 stundas..

..viņš gāja viņai blakus un klusēja, tik daudz vārdu jau bija izbiris starp viņiem.. atelpa..

..viņa ieelpoja jūras sāli un atgriezās klusajā pludmalē..

..viņa roka it kā pavisam nejauši pieskārās viņas gurnam, viņa lēni pagrieza galvu uz viņa pusi un viņas zaļajās acīs atspulgoja mēness zeltainums.. viņa lēni pārslidināja savu mēli pār savām sārtajā lūpām un nu jau mitrās lūpas pavērās smaidā, acis atkal iedzirkstījās un novērsās no viņa skaisti iedegušās dienvidnieka sejas..

..viņas dzirdrie smiekli pēkšņi pārtrauca jūras šalkoņu un jau mirkli vēlāk viņa bija pazaudējusi savu liego vasaras kleitu un miniaturās mežģīņu biksītes un skriešus metās iekšā tumšajā jūras ūdenī.. pavisam drīz viņas kailā mugura pazuda necaurredzamajā, nekad nerimstošajā paklājā.. un pavisam drīz pludmalē mētājās tikai daži drēbju gabali..

..viņa sasniedza vietu, kur atkal varēja sajust mainīgās jūras smiltis zem savām kājām, un apstājās.. mirkli vēroja neizmērojamo tumšo plašumu savā priekšā, kura aprises iezīmēja tikai mēness atvēlētie stari.. un tad aizvēra acis, lai pilnībā spētu izbaudīt jūras viļņu glāstus.. viņš piepeldēja viņai klāt no mugurpuses un ar savu spēcīgo roku apņēma viņas slaido vidukli.. viņa labsajūtā nodrebēja.. viņa lūpas pieskārās viņas kaklam un viņa sajuta, kā viņa apskāviens kļuva ciešāks, tas uzbudināja viņas iztēli un viņas ķermeni pārklāja vieglas trīsas.. viņš sajuta viņas satraukumu un viņa labā roka sāka slīdēt pār viņas gurnu, lēnām virzoties augšup pa viņas sānu, apstājoties pie viņas krūtīm.. viņš sajuta viņas piebriedušos krūšu galus un viņš vairs nespēja attūrēties.. viņš strauji pagrieza viņu un skūpsts bija neizbēgams.. viņa rokas maldījās pār viņas kailo muguru.. viņa apvija savas rokas ap viņa kaklu un uz mirkli pilnībā atdevās skūpstam.. viņa sajuta viņa pieaugošo vēlmi.. un jau mirkli vēlāk viņa izslīdēja no viņa apskāviena un sāka peldēt krasta virzienā.. brīdi samulsis, viņš viņai sekoja..

..dažus metrus no krasta viņš viņu panāca.. viņa pagriezās, ieskatījās viņam acīs.. pasmaidīja un pastiepusi roku atgūlās krasta smiltīs, kurās spēlējās jūras nobružātā un mainīgā eģe..